Giveaway Life Gives Justin Barcia Fans a Once in a Lifetime Experience and Donates £1026.94 to Air Ambulances UK

Giveaway Life recently raffled a once in a lifetime experience for fans of Justin Barcia in memory of a talented young rider, Jude Morris. In honour of Jude Morris, the number one motocross competition site raffled a Justin Barcia Meet and Greet along with a signed jersey with all proceeds donated to the Air Ambulances UK. This charity was chosen by Jude’s dad, Mark Morris, as he would like to support the motocross community forever with this charity that helps thousands of riders if they are ever faced with a situation in which the Air Ambulance is a lifesaving service.

The raffle was won by Francesca Hyde, who selflessly entered for her partner who has always been a huge Barcia fan and the couple met Barcia in a café with the Giveaway Life team. The experience was a success for all involved and certainly a day to remember, all in memory of rider who will be dearly missed.

Giveaway Life would like to thank each and every person who donated to this raffle, with a special thanks to Justin Barcia for making dreams come true and all for a great cause. The competition website currently has ongoing raffles all in memory of Jude Morris and these will continue as they want to raise as much as possible for the Air Ambulances UK to honour such a special motocross champion.

Thank you for all your love and support,

The team at Giveaway Life.