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This competition has now closed. Good luck to all those who entered!
Limited to 685 entries
Maximum 85 entries per person
Live draw 10th January 2022 @ 9:00 PM
Tickets Sold: 254

Win a Sealey American Pro Tool Kit | 6 Drawer Topchest & Rollcab Combination | 128 Pieces

Prize Includes: 

  • Sealey American Pro Tool Kits | 6 Drawer Topchest & Rollcab Combination | 128 Pieces

    4 Drawer Topchest

    Specification: Width: Depth: Height:
    Overall Size: 600mm 260mm 340mm
    Small Drawer (x3): 510mm 225mm 35mm
    Medium Drawer (x1): 510mm 225mm 85mm

    2 Drawer Rollcab

    Specification: Width: Depth: Height:
    Overall Size: 615mm 295mm 700mm
    Medium Drawer (x2): 515mm 275mm 65mm
    Cupboard: 610mm 275mm 375mm

    Kit Contents

    Model Number: Description:
    SEAP33059 5 Drawer Topchest (Red)
    SEAP33459 5 Drawer Rollcab (Red)
    AK219 TRX/Hex/Spline Bit Set (42 Pieces)
    AK2312 Magnetic Collector with 2 Magnets
    AK4331 Screwdriver Set (8 Pieces)
    AK63012 Combination Spanner Set (12 Pieces)
    AK692 Socket Set (45 Pieces)
    AK7137 Hex Key Set (9 Pieces)
    AK7148 TRX-Star Ket Set (9 Pieces)
    AK8440 Circlip Pliers Set (4 Pieces)
    AK689 Hacksaw 300mm
    AK9128 Parallel Pin Punch Set (6 Pieces)
    AK930 Needle Nose Pliers Set Ni-Fe Finish (3 Pieces)
    AK9333 Pliers Set (3 Pieces)
    AK935 Needle Nose Pliers Set (3 Pieces)
    LED307 Rechargeable Inspection Lamp
    PK1 Pocket Knife Locking
    PK10 Multi-Tool 10 Function
The competition will be closed and drawn early if all entries are sold before the end date.
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