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This competition has now closed. Good luck to all those who entered!
Limited to 500 entries
Maximum 50 entries per person
Live draw 10th January 2022 @ 9:00 PM
Tickets Sold: 176

Win a Signed Manuel Lettenbichler Jersey - Ki's Road to Recovery GoFundMe

We've set out to help Ki on his road to recovery! Ki was rushed to hospital following the accident, where it was confirmed he had broken and dislocated his back, damaging his spinal cord. Also, breaking his neck, cracking his ribs and puncturing a lung. As amazing as the NHS is, there is a huge lack of funding preventing Ki being able to access the intense physiotherapy he needs, something only the private sector can offer which comes at a great cost. And when the time comes for Ki to return home, house modifications will need to be made for him to lead an independent life - his amazing friends have sourced some amazing memorabilia singed by professionals which we will be raffling over the coming months.

See GoFundMe

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